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Story Summary: Starting with the episode "School Hard" and taking us through the end of an alternate Season 2, this story is a response to Challenge #64 at The Bloodshedverse (http://www.bloodshedverse.com/). Angel can't close Acathla this time. Only a pregnant Slayer's blood is able to tame the beast and seal Acathla forever, but who will the father be? Will she find love, or is she just doing her duty as the Chosen One to protect the earth from darkness? Full challenge requirements will be listed at the end of the story to keep from giving away several key plot points.

Author's Note & Warning: This is a pregnancy Buffy fiction based on a prophecy that I created which I hope you will enjoy. I know its been done before by others, but I hope that you will give my story a chance to stand on its own. I am hopeful that you will find it worth your time to read. Biting and claiming will be a part of this story as well as descriptive sexual situations. The story is rated NC-17 overall. Please read with caution if any of these things freak you out. DO NOT read if you are underage.

DEDICATION: This story is dedicated to Bloodshedbaby. She was the webmistress of the Bloodshedverse, and this was a challenge she posted. She is an amazing writer as well as a dedicated person who kept everything running at the web site for years. BSB ... this one's for you!

Disclaimer: All characters originally created by Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy belong to them by all rights. I just sneak them out of the vaults to play with them whenever I can. I do not make any money off of this. I have only the satisfaction that others enjoy the creativity and storylines that I come up with for our heroes, heroines, and villains.

Distribution: I welcome this story to be posted in related archives, but PLEASE let me know first. I'd like to know where this is going and see the feedback that people have for it. So contact me through my contact form (please put the story title in the subject of the email) to ask permission before posting this story anywhere. If you nominate this story for an award, please let me know at the email link above too. Thank you kindly.

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